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Simple Tutorial On How To Write An Essay About Family Values

You may have received a tough essay to complete regarding family values, and are currently splitting your hair about it. You do not know where to start, how to conduct your research and your class notes are completely useless. To compound matter further, your essay is due in just a few days and this is adding on further stress on you. But worry not, as we have you covered with this simple tutorial on how to craft your paper.

Family Values

The first thing to understand, when composing a short essay about family values, is what exactly it entails. Family values encompass values that pertain to family life as dictated by society and culture. Many sociologists prefer to split family values into two subcategories: traditional family and non-traditional family.

A traditional family consists of a typical middle class family with the dad playing the role of the breadwinner and the mother taking care of the child rearing responsibilities. A deviation from this model is usually what is called a non-traditional family.

In American, as of now, most families fall under the non-traditional family model. In your assignment, depending on the question asked of you, you will very likely be comparing the values and beliefs that typically permeate within the two family models.

Statistics and Polls

A very important aspect of family traditions essay is to incorporate statistics and polls regarding family values. Much of the objective information pertaining to family values can be found in the form of statistics. For example, you could include the number of single parent households, and the number of households that fall within the traditional family model.

On the other hand, you can find subjective information in the form of opinion polls. For example, polls conducted with traditional families may suggest that individuals in those families see the breadwinner role as the role for the male. However, this will likely not be true in a single parent household.


It is important to structure your work well, so it is easy to follow for your reader. The structure of your paper should follow the following guidelines:

  • Introduction: This should be a brief paragraph telling your reader that your assignment will be about family values and what you will be discussing
  • Main body: This is where you bring in your definition, go into further detail with your analysis, and introduce the statistics that you have compiled.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summary of everything you have talked about.

For more helpful hints, please visit the following link.

As you can see, although you may not have previous experience writing a paper on family values, it is not a particularly hard task to undertake and to score high marks on.