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How To Write A Definition Essay Without Spending Too Much Time

A definition essay is usually based on extremely subjective topics, hence the need to write a long paper on them. Many students see themselves spending countless hours on their paper to ensure that they receive high marks. The problem with this type of writing is that it is usually requires a lot of effort for many students to successfully compose. However, with this guide, you will learn how to craft your definition paper without spending too much time.

What is it?

A definition paper is an essay describing what a term means. There are many words that have a definite meaning such as bed, chair and shoes. However, there are many terms that are abstract and subjective such as love, kindness and honesty. These are the terms which are the focus of these types of essays.

The key elements

To complete your assignment fast and efficiently, you need to know what the key elements are that go into making a great definition paper. There are three key criteria that you need to hit to do this. They are:

  1. Making the reader aware of what term you will be definining.
  2. Present clear and basic facts that are easy to understand
  3. Using examples and anecdots from your own experience to support your definition


The structure of your essay is extremely important; it allows your reader to easily follow your writing and to understand it. Many times, a good structure can make up for below average content or writing style of a paper. As such, the following is how your paper should be laid out:

  • Introduction: A brief paragraph telling the reader what you will be defining.
  • Main body: Devote a paragraph to each of the three criteria that we have laid out above.
  • Conclusion: A brief summarization of everything you have discussed in the course of your paper.

As you can see, although composing a definition paper can seem daunting at first, since it is infrequently seen by students, if you follow the main criteria that we have told you and have a good structure, then you can complete your paper in no time.