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Best Solutions For Your Academic Paper: A List Of Human Rights Essay Ideas

There are a lot of times when the only thing you need to start working on your project or paper is a fresh idea. Those are hard to come by, and moreover, the more you think about it, the harder it seems to find a good thought. If you have to write an essay on human rights, you might be lost in the huge amount of information and topics to write on, since the subject remains quite broad.

10 Fresh Human Rights Essay Ideas

Here you’ll find some thoughts to contemplate on, or maybe you’ll decide to write on one these topics.

  • Natural law vs. Human rights: is there a contradiction
  • There is quite a popular thought that nature is quite cruel and what we call human rights in many ways contradict the natural law. Describe both sets of rules and state your own point.

  • Human rights violation in the information age
  • It gets harder to control people with all the internet transactions and free exchange of information. And even saw governments of many countries try to control the internet activity and the people. Is this a violation of the human rights?

  • Human rights violation in modern China
  • It’s no secret that China’s government is undemocratic and in some ways even totalitarian. There were many cases of human rights violation, so you could focus your essay on those.

  • Evolution of Human rights in the USA
  • There is a long and ongoing story of the civil rights movement, and you probably have heard at least something about it. So why not describe the way it started and the reason for it and how it evolved with time?

  • Women’s rights: a history
  • Women’s rights are still loudly discussed and argued about, and the topic is quite catchy. You could mention all the waves of feminism and discuss the third one in detail, focusing on its problems and achievements.

  • Human rights and sexual orientation
  • This issue is not a new one, but LGBT history is full of interesting and controversial events. You could also bring some politics into this and discuss the split in the movement that happened recently, dividing LGBT people into “conservatives” and “progressives”.

  • Exploitation and forced labor
  • Unfortunately, this is still a hotly-debated topic and those problems exist in the world.

  • Some kind of exploitation happens almost in each single country and many governments turn a blind eye on that one.

  • Slavery issue in the XXI century
  • This is also still actual, so research some cases and talk about them. Is there a way to solve this problem?

  • Reproductive rights an abortion
  • What are the abortion laws in different countries, do fetuses have specific rights and till what point a woman has total control over her own body?

  • Child soldiers in Islamic world
  • This happens regularly in some Islamic countries, try to figure out why and how the world is trying to prevent it? Remember to look at different branches of Islam for this topic.

    A Thing to Keep in Mind Before You Start Writing

    When you’ve chosen a topic you can start doing some research to write your paper. Here it’s important to remember that you have to look for credible sources and check them to make sure your paper is informative and trustworthy. Try to maintain the right amount of data in and don’t overload your paper with the excessive amounts of numbers, names, and places. Keep it reader-friendly.

    Human right is an interesting subject to write about, and it’s quite broad too, so you can choose something that is more interesting to you. Don’t be in hurry and carefully think if you really want to write about the specific topic and if you have something important to say. Works are always better when written with passion.