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We Have Done Some Research For You: Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Many students are required to write rhetorical analysis essays during their time in school and college. These types of essays are extremely important in making students realize the techniques writers use to convey their points. As such, they are a very important and commonly seen type of essay that students see during their time in education. Due to this, we have created this guide on some of the best topics you can base your essay on, along with a quick guide showing you how.

What is a rhetorical analysis?

Before we get to choosing good topics for your paper, it is best to discuss and make you aware of how to write a rhetorical analysis essay. Essentially, when you are composing this type of essay, you are looking at the techniques the writer is using to persuade their audience and how they make their argument.

Typically, when writing this type of paper, you should look at the SOAPSTone of the writing. This stands for:

  • Speaker
  • Ocassion
  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Subject
  • Tone

This helps in greatly identifying the types of techniques a writer uses, along with why they use them. Once you have done this, it is time to analyze what sort of techniques they employ to persuade the audience of their viewpoint. Examples include: analogies and figurative language, repetition, similes and metaphors. Once you have identified the rhetorical techniques, you should answer questions such as:

  • How do these techniques help the writer advocate for their view point?
  • Why did the writer use a particular technique?
  • How well has the writer utilized their chosen techniques?


Now you know what is a rhetorical analysis essay, you can better choose an appropriate topic to base your essay on. The best topic that you should choose, is a piece of writing aimed at convincing other people, as a persuasive piece uses a lot of writing techniques that you can analyze. With this in mind, the following are some excellent topics for a rhetorical analysis:

  • How did the ‘Pearl Harbour Address to the Nation’ by Franklin Rossevelt rile up the nation for war?
  • How is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ a great commentary on the social issues in America at the time?
  • What is the role of the three witches in ‘Macbeath’? How does the opening scene set up the play?
  • What effect did the disaster address by Ronald Raegan have on the nation?
  • Analyze the speech given by William Faulkner when he received his nobel peace prize.
  • Analyze the Bravehart speech given by William Wallace to his men to prepare them for batle.
  • Analyze the Emancipation Proclamation speech given by Abraham Lincoln
  • How is Hamlet a tragedy?
  • Analyze the ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King
  • Analyze the speech given by Mark Anthony in ‘Julius Caesar’ that led to mob violence

There are many other topics you can write your essay about, but these will give you plenty of rhetorical techniques to analyze in your essay, hence increasing your chances of acquiring a good mark for your paper.